Standard Hydraulics strongly supports the coal industry, especially businesses and their valuable
employees that continue to harvest this energy source.  We also support those that continue to
fight for the understanding of the power of coal.  
Coal prices have historically been lower and more stable than natural gas prices.
While new natural gas-fired power plants generally are less expensive to construct than new
coal-fired plants, we believe that the higher prices and volatility will continue to make natural
gas a less attractive energy source than coal for many utilities, particularly for baseload
electricity generation.
Source: Energy Information Administration
Our overall air quality is better now than it was 30 years ago.
Part of this success is due to efforts by the coal-based electricity industry to reduce emissions.
Source: Coalition for Affordable and Reliable Energy
Producing electricity from coal is about half the cost of using other fuels
This helps to keep energy costs affordable for American families and businesses.
Source: Coalition for Affordable and Reliable Electricity
Coal has been used as an energy source for hundreds of years and was part of
international trade in as long ago as the Roman Empire.
Coal also provided the energy which fueled the Industrial Revolution of the 19th
Century and also launched the electric era in the 20th Century.
Source: World Coal Institute
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